What is the Early Bird Running Club?

The Early Bird Running Club is a group of Rockford-area runners that trains early in the morning. The Club includes members at every skill level. We begin our runs together, but every member runs at his or her own pace. Although we may not finish all together, it is our goal that no one runs alone.

What are you training for?

Our group started running together in training for the 2007 Fifth Third Riverbank Run.  Because that effort proved so successful we continued to train together and various members have since run races of every distance from 5k’s to marathons to Ironman Triathlons.  Even when we are not training for a specific race, we keep running to stay in shape and to promote the the sport of running as a healthy form of exercise. 

Where and when does the Club train?

On weekdays, EBRC runs start from Valley View Elementary School on Summit Street in Rockford. Weekday runs begin at 5:00 a.m. Our weekend are usually longerand start from a variety of locations, but our default starting point is the Promenade parking lot across Bridge Street from the dam in Rockford. Similarly, the starting times for the longer weekend runs may vary; but, we normally get started at 6:00

How fast do you run?

Club members are often asked “How fast do you run when you train?” The answer to that question depends on a couple of factors: first, it depends on the skill level of the runner; and, second, it depends on the purpose of the training run. As mentioned above, the club includes members at every skill level and, thus, there is usually someone who will run the same pace with which you are comfortable. Moreover, our training plan involves several different training paces depending on the focus of the particular training session. The nature of each type of training session and the different paces are explained in our training schedule.

How far do you run?

The distance we run depends on the purpose of the training run.  Typically, our weekday runs fall between four and eight miles.  On the weekends, runs range from ten to twenty miles.  Not everyone runs the same distance on any given day.

How often do you run?

We have scheduled training runs on Tuesday (speed), Wednesday (easy run), Thursday (tempo run), Friday (hills) and either Saturday or Sunday (long slow run) each week.  Some members run with the group for virtually all scheduled runs; others might run just once or twice a week.  Even if we do not have a scheduled training run, there are usually one or two of us running.

Why should I run with the Early Birds?

We all ran alone before we started running together.  Each of us has found that running with some company is a safer and more enjoyable experience.  We have discovered that the time passes a little quicker and you push yourself a little harder if you share the run with someone else.  Do not just take our word for it. Join us on a couple of training runs.  See for yourself.

You have convinced me–how do I join the Early Birds?

To join the Early Bird Running Club, just fill out the application on the website print it off and mail it along with a check for your annual 2011 dues in the amount of $40 to Early Bird Running Club, David E. Nyeholt, 10853 Wellington Dr. NE, Rockford, MI  49341.

Your membership entitles you to the following privileges:

  • EBRC Member T-shirt
  • Discount on club merchandise
  • Discounts at local retailers
  • Training schedule and periodic newsletter
  • Eligibility for club training challenges
  • Water and calories on long training runs
  • Invitation to club banquets and picnics
  • Right to vote and participate in club meetings
  • Liability insurance coverage for club events

Contact Information:  Daveid E. Nyeholt, dnyholt@charter.net